• Televisions – CRT, LCD, LED and Rear Projections
  • Computers – Desktops, Laptops
  • Monitors – CRT, LCD and LED
  • Printers – Inkjet, Laser, Thermal and Impact
  • Scanners
  • Network Equipment – Server, Switchers, Routers
  • Joystick and Gaming Devices
  • Peripherals – Mouse, Keyboards, Cables, Power Suppliers
  • Video and Sound Cards
  • Motherboards, RAM and CPU
  • Printer and Computer Circuit Boards
  • CD/DVD Drive
  • UPS
  • Web Cameras
Need Help Recycling Your Other Electronics?
If you have other electronics not covered by the scheme don’t worry it can still be recycled. Our parent company Sims Recycling Solutions is the global leader in electronic recycling and offer environmentally sustainable recycling solutions for all types of electronics.
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