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The EPSA platform is designed to create awareness about recycling. Users can get the latest updates on how companies and people are finding more innovative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Learn why recycling plays a central role in conserving natural resources and energy.

Large companies like casinos use a lot of electronic equipment and products. Electronic waste needs to be disposed of appropriately to prevent hazardous materials from harming the environment. Find out why casino operators need to find eco-friendly ways of recycling their electronic equipment and waste.

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The culture of recycling can be fostered in the workplace. Gambling operators can invest in programs and workshops to educate people about recycling. Employees can be taught how to sort and place their recyclables in the right bins. Companies can use more sustainable materials and stationery in the workplace to encourage sustainable practices.

The recycling process uses machinery and intensive labour to ensure that nothing is contaminated during the recycling process. There are five basic stages that materials need to go through to be recycled. Materials need to be collected, shredded and separated from unwanted materials before they can be repurposed.

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Companies are paying more attention to recycling. Recycled materials can be sold to manufacturers, and this saves manufacturers time and money in procuring new raw materials for their manufacturing processes. Learn about leading companies that are taking great strides to create products that are biodegradable or made from recyclable materials.

Learn about companies like GumShoe and Yardbird. GumShoe manufactures shoes made from recycled gum, and Yardbird uses recycled materials to manufacture furniture and other items. Yardbird was even in the news for reportedly using plastic waste in the ocean to design and manufacture products.

If readers have any questions about recycling and relevant recycling processes, this site offers quick answers to the most common recycling questions. Users and recycling companies can get in touch with EPSA to get the latest information about the recycling industry.