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Recycling has never been a more important topic in a world that is increasingly looking at more sustainable ways of living.

Recycling and Society

The idea of recycling or repurposing materials has been around for thousands of years. Historical records refer to the first account of separating and sorting waste materials in Athens more than 2,500 years ago.

However, the modern concept of recycling, where materials go through certain mechanical and chemical processes, was only invented in the late 18th century. In 1776 a statue of King George III that was made of lead was taken to the smelter to manufacture more than 42,000 bullets for The American War of Independence.

It would still be many years before the concept would be adopted by other companies and firms. At the start of the 20th century, Chicago opened several Aluminum recycling plants with the catchy slogan ‘’Don’t Waste It, Save It’’. During The Great Depression in 1930, many people were forced to recycle to survive.

The motivation to recycle is not much different today, as companies need to look for more sustainable ways to manufacture materials. Recycling helps to conserve energy and natural materials, helping to create a better place for future generations.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics are used everywhere in our daily lives, from cars and laptops to kitchenware and mobile devices. Find out how your electronic equipment can be recycled.

Recycling Businesses

Recycling companies have the facilities, equipment, and expertise to follow all the necessary steps in the recycling process without contaminating the materials.

Recycling Processes

Materials go through several stages during the recycling process, and this requires all materials to be sorted and separated in an environmentally friendly manner.

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