We will accept all electronics listed under What Do We Accept. It doesn’t matter the condition, the electronic can be still fully functional or no longer working we will accept it for recycling.

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    Small volumes can be dropped off at one of our collection points near you.
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    Large volumes including 20 large items/pallet load or more, our collection points are not equipped to handle these types of volumes. Please contact EPSA directly.

No it will not cost you anything to recycle accepted electronic through EPSA. Accepted electronics can be dropped off at one of your collection points around Australia.

The free electronic recycling service is fully funded by the Product Stewardship members as part of the governments National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme.

If you have electronics you need to dispose for recycling but it is not listed as an accepted item don’t worry we will still be able to help you.


EPSA is company owned by Sims Lifecycle Services, the global leader in electronic recycling. Sims Lifecycle Services is the recycler and can recycle all types of electronics. Please contact us for more information.

All electronics received for recycling through EPSA will be fully destroyed, Please check out the recycling process for more details.

Please note EPSA takes no responsibility for protecting your data from devices that have been dropped off for recycling. It is your responsibility to ensure all data has been removed from your device prior to dropping it off.

EPSA is a company of Sims Lifecycle Services, the global leader in sustainable and responsible electronic recycling.
All electronics dropped off is processed for recycling by Sims Lifecycle Services. The electronics will be dismantled, shredded and all materials separated for the downstream process to convert back into raw useful materials, diverting over 98% (by weight) of electronics received through EPSA from landfill.