Electronics Product Stewardship Australasia (EPSA) is an approved co-regulatory arrangement under the National Television and Computers Regulations 2011.


EPSA is wholly owned by Sims Recycling Solutions itself a division of Sims Metal Management the world’s leading listed metals and electronics recycler.


The Sims group has a long history in Australia, established in Sydney in 1917, it expanded its service offering in 2004 through the creation in Europe of an e-waste division, Sims Recycling Solutions to address the explosive growth in global electronic recycling.


Fourteen years on, Sims Recycling Solutions is one of the world’s largest e-waste recyclers, with over 30-multi service processing facilities across five continents.

The EPSA arrangement has been established by Sims Recycling Solutions in order to:

  • Provide a recycling industry based solution.
  • Ensure that the outcomes required by the Regulations are achieved using best possible practises given to Sims Recycling Solutions experience in the industry.
  • Provide an extension to the relationships already in place with manufacturers and collection points.

EPSA through Sims Recycling Solutions has succeeded in setting the best-practice benchmark for Australian e-waste recycling.